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Has anyone tried Smashwords.com for e-publishing? If so, was it a good experience? Just starting the “looking around for a publishing forum” phase and appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!

Friday high five

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Melancholy Brushstrokes – Prose and Poetry Collection

I hope you enjoy “Faith” and other prose/poems in my collection entitled Melancholy Brushstrokes on my blog.…from and for wounded souls…


I put my faith in dust

Upon which my dreams choke,

Gasping, trying to survive

That which gives me pain

Yet feeds my faith.

But the silent, swift rains

Turn dust to mud.

My dreams become muddled,

Dampened by happenstance

And mishaps of another’s

Making, of which I am

Not privy until the

Final drop has fallen.

My dreams seep into

The earth, nurturing it.

And from these dreams of mud,

Spawned by faith in dust,

The most beautiful weeds

Do grow.

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Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day, all!  I let my son go out so as to give me more time writing in quiet – hee, hee, hee  🙂

Hope you get what you want for Mother’s Day too!

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To Publish On Merit or For Vanity Sake, That is the Question

And one only you can answer for yourself, but you should be totally aware of what you’re signing up for.


I was overly anxious and gullible in the beginning and sent my work out everywhere, including to an organization just like the one in the article above. However, I had wanted to enter a contest and be judged on the merits of my work and didn’t understand until later, until after I had sent them my money, that there were places like this out there.  I did receive my anthology, a very nice book, a very expensive lesson learned.

So, I’m sharing this with the next generation of (hopefully not quite so gullible) writers and poets out there.  There are vanity presses as well as judge-on-the-merits publications and contests out there.  Choose whichever you like, but my best advice to you is to question everything.

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A Blast From the Past…

We move from room to room
day to day,
separate particles of dust
propelled by different winds
passing through
or experiencing our own
oblivious to all
but our own rainbows.

How long has it been
since I’ve seen my own rainbow?

Copyright 1998


I also found the manuscript from a story I started about 14 years ago and am putting it on my new computer.  I tried to recreate it from memory last NaNoWriMo, so I’m going to have to do some splicing with that part as well.  So far, I’ve got 5,000 words and still have a LONG way to go just copytyping.  It’s like visiting with an old friend that I haven’t seen in decades and realizing I’ve forgotten so much about that person, stuff I really liked and stuff that wasn’t so great…but the good significantly outweighs the bad!  [Enter ecstatic squeal of delight here. 🙂 ] 

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Writing Time Capsules

I shook a LOT of dust off some really old poems last night, some I had written about 24 years ago. Though my interests now are more firmly rooted in fiction, they weren’t too bad. Even reading them now, I could see past the words and knew exactly who I had in mind as I had written each one, each person an old, sad soul. Overall, they are dark, forlorn, melancholy, and it’s interesting to see how my writing has matured, changed with time, better or worse, one way or the other. But now that my trip down memory lane is over, the question is what to do with these little time capsules. The older souls I’d written about are mostly gone now, so there’s no explaining to be done, no apologies to be made. No more excuses. This weekend, I will search for them a new home!

Anyone know of any forums or contests that would be a good start with these? Appreciate any suggestions!!

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I have always been a writer, have always felt it in my bones, heard the whisper in my soul. After a long hiatus dealing with L-I-F-E and all that that entails, I dusted off my handwritten submissions records in an old 3-ring binder. My last submission was sent off in the year 1991. With a sickening jolt, I realized that was 23 years ago!

23 years ago – I had not yet been divorced the first time (and didn’t expect it would happen).

23 years ago – I had not yet known the joy/pain of childbirth (and didn’t expect it would ever happen).

I have written since then, of course. The hard part for us is NOT writing. When I left husband number 1, a blank sheet of paper was my therapy, ditto husband number 2. And while the last 23 years have been despairing and gut-wrenching at times, I now have a vast array of rich experiences to borrow from in my writings.

Why do I write? I’ve never really thought about it, but I guess (a) because I enjoy it, and (b) because I can’t NOT write.

Why haven’t I submitted anything since last century? I blame it on 1991…so that is where my next story will begin.  🙂

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It’s a Good Day When…

Added some more markets and started making new friends, all without breaking WordPress!!!  It’s a good day 🙂

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In the beginning…

Hello and welcome to My Devine Writing Desk, brought to you direct from Devine, Texas.  I will be posting writing markets as I verify them (there’s nothing more aggravating than dead links!) and eventually will post a few of my own scribblings.  Read if you wish, comment if you’d like, edit if you must, but I reserve the right to do my own thing here in my little corner of the blogosphere.

More to follow after I’ve gotten used to this alien new world.  Happy NaNoWriMo to my writing brethren, and peace be to you all.

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